Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sun Valley Skiing - April 1, 2011

From Boise, we moved on to Ketchum and met up with our friends the Mayes. Tia and Quinn were the only ones that were able to meet us in Sun Valley, but we were SO happy they did. We stayed in their awesome "fun house" and spent a day skiing. Sofia and I skied Dollar Mt. and Tadj skied Baldy. It was a warm day, so snow conditions were bad and Sofia and I fell a lot. Tadj bought some wax to try and get through the "glue", but it didn't really help. We'll definitely have to try again in more winter- like conditions. Tia stayed back at the house with all the little kids, but met up with us later in the day. On our way to Utah, we stopped at their house in Twin Falls and got to catch up with Russ, Zack, and Jake too (Espen wasn't around). We're so grateful for their friendship and hospitality.

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