Saturday, September 3, 2011

Salt Lake City, UT with the Hales!! - April 2-7, 2011

Our final stop was in Utah to visit with the Hales. The kids, once again, enjoyed visiting with cousins. Sofia and Tadj went with Heather, Madeleine, and Morgan to ski solitude. It was another rough skiing day with poor snow conditions, but they had fun anyway.

We spent time on temple square and seeing church history stuff. Grayson was not at all pleased with the Joseph Smith movie. The girls liked it though.

Tadj and I went to the afternoon session of General Conference on Sunday. It was very nice and we had pretty good seats... until it began and the camera poles raised up.

The kids spent a lot of time in the family room playing video games. Rock band was a hit.
We also got to visit with some of mom's family too. We had dinner at Uncle Dave and Aunt mary's house with Jessica and the Caldiero's, Josh, Jordan, and even Mattson came with Marley (Alie was home with sick twins and Ky). Our camera had stopped working by this leg of our trip and so we relied on camera phones as much as we could. After a while we stopped taking pictures altogether. We were just enjoying the moments rather than documenting them. It happens.

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