Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tang SOO! Gray gets his Yellow Belt

Grayson tested last week to advance and earn his Yellow belt. He will remain in his Advanced Ninja's class with Ms. Holly until he earns his Orange belt (probably another 6 mos.). This was a particularly difficult test because he had to do his first basic form. It was hard, and all the kids made mistakes, but that was ok. They will get better with more practice.Ms. Holly is Grayson's instructor. She's been working hard with these little guys (and gals) and it's paying off.

Jeff Jackson is the one putting Grayson's belt on. He's one of Shaun's assistants and a good friend of Uncle Chris and Aunt Rachel's. He and all his kids go to PKSA too.

The other 3 kids were A.j. and Vincent (brothers) and Zoe. They've all been with Grayson since he was a "Little" Ninja. They are the first class of Ninja program to earn their Yellow belts. We're proud of all of them.

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