Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We ate at Ed's - Chicago - August 18, 2011

When we arrived in Chicago, I had a text from Angie telling me they were on their way to Chicago!!! What a surprise (the BEST kind)!! Their floors weren't done yet, so they weren't allowed to go home. Chicago seemed like a good detour to them... and us too. They caught up with us at dinnertime. You can't go to Chi town without a stop at Ed Debevic's. I warned the kids that the staff would be rude... but because it was funny. Sofia thought it was Hilarious! Our waiter came to the table and asked "What do you jerks want?" - Sofia laughed hysterically. The other kids were thrown by it. Joe played right along.
We all got hats. Doesn't Angie look cute?

Our waiter, Frank, danced a couple of times in the window sill. SUCH fun entertainment. The kids all jumped out of their seats and danced too. They were SO cute - especially Bella and Scarlett - those little ones can really shake it!

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melissa said...

that sounds like a fun mini vacation. I live 2 and half hours from Chicago.