Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm not 32. I'm 29 Plus 3!!!

Yep. Another birthday happened last week. I hate it when that happens. On the upside though, it was on Labor Day (which sometimes happens), so I got the day of work! WOOHOO! I spent the morning just relaxing, hanging out, and reading. For lunch, Tadj and I took the kids to Red Robin (birthday tradition for all of us) and then the kids and I went to a cheap show. We saw "The Zookeeper" and I was glad it was only $2 because it was really dumb. The kids liked it, but Scarlett fell asleep. Tadj stayed home to make this awesome cake which we took to the Aminis for an end of Summer BBQ and bonfire (the kids had school the next morning). They also invited their neighbors, Amy and Shaun(??) and their cute little girls. The kids met new friends and we had a FABULOUS end to the Summer. Too bad it was only 60 degrees... brrrr.
Sofia helped me "pretend" to blow out the candle... Angie actually tried to put 32 candles on the cake, but it was so windy we couldn't even get ONE to stay lit.

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