Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chicago, Day 1- Navy Pier - August 18, 2011

After our super duper long train ride, we arrived in Chicago just in time for late lunch, hotel check in and started in right away on the tourism. Thank goodness for a good concierge at the hotel 'cause we had not clue where we were going. Navy pier was on the agenda. We walked from the hotel and went straight to this cute Children's Museum. It was free with our Detroit Science Center Pass - WOOHOO! The preschool area was perfect for Scarlett. I was VERY impressed. We expected the same old stuff (we've been to a lot of these museums all over the country), but were pleasantly surprised.
Tadj and the kids tried building some sort of structure. They didn't have time to finish it. Grayson was mad.

We also decided that we'd splurge on the 1/2 hour boat tour. Tadj and I did the Speed boat tour 10 years ago, but it was WAY to expensive for 5 of us. This one sufficed. What a BEAUTIFUL city! I wished I had a better camera to capture this skyline. Oh well.

Scarlett got tired (we WERE awake at 5am this day)

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