Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chicago Shedd's Aquarium - August 19, 2011

After we left the Field Museum, we met up with the Aminis at the Aquarium. Had we realized how long the line would be just to get in, we would have gone there in the morning. No joke, Tadj and Joe waited in line for us for over an hour. What great guys! Angie and I sat on a bench and wrangled the kids. We only paid for the basic admission (some packages run up to $75/person!) and skipped the dolphin show, jelly fish exhibit, etc. We were glad because it was BIG and the kids were tired out.
The museum was divided up by different bodies of water throughout the world... i.e. Amazon rain forest, Carribbean, Oceans, and in this one was Michigan bodies of water... very cool.
We would have gotten better pictures, but the flash of a camera makes the fish "nervous" and we're not allowed to use them. Oh well. The pictures might not tell the story very well, but our minds remember... it was VERY VERY VERY neat. We LOVED this aquarium and can't wait to go back.

This center part of the aquarium had a scuba diver putting on a show and feeding the fish. She communicated with a lady OUTSIDE the glass through a microphone and we could ask her lots of questions. She told some cool stories too. This bottom picture, she was out of food, but grabbed handfuls of little rocks to drop down and get the attention of the fish so we could take good pictures. Too cool.

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