Saturday, September 17, 2011

Down on the Farm - Blake's Apple Orchard and Cider Mill

Today, Tadj and I took the kids to the cider mill. Grayson, Scarlett, and I have gone together with preschool for the last 2 years. Scarlett and I will go again in a few weeks. But Tadj and Sofia haven't gotten to go in 3 years. That was sad. So we went. It was a BEAUTIFUL day (though a bit cloudy at first). We got there right at 10am because I figured a pretty day would draw a huge crowd. Luckily there were very few people there in the morning and we got to do a lot of stuff without a lot of hassle.First, we picked apples. A whole 1/2 bushel of them. That's a lot! I think we'll be eating them for a long time.
Don't ask me why my kids thought these poses were cute. They just did. Funny thing was, they each posed this way independently. None of them saw another one doing this. Must be a weird Hemingway trait. HA!

Tadj and the kiddos

Kids at the pumpkin patch. Check out Scarlett's gangsta stance. She looks ready to take these pumpkin pickin' skillz to the streets.
Me and my little darlings

Feeding a cute little baby goat. The big goats just liked to eat the cone the feed was served in, but this guy ate right out of our hands.

Sofia's tractor jumping skills
Gray's tractor jumping skills (he didn't land on his face, but this pic. looks like he might have).
Tricia and Nick just so happened to be going to Blakes today too, so we met up. We never get to see them anymore, so this was an extra special treat. Scarlett didn't leave Tricia's side all day.
We raced tricycles - Grayson won. Every time.

Check out that mean looking horse. YIKES! I've never met more friendly farm animals ;)
We climbed the straw mountain...

watched the guys make cider and donuts...

rode the tractor train...

let Scarlett have the camera (hahaha!)...
and ended the day with a hayride.
Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. I LOVE the autumn colors, the apples, the pumpkins, and the cool, crisp air. I'm SO happy to live in Michigan where this season is especially beautiful.


The Prices said...

I love these kind of fall activities! Grayson is looking so grown up all of a sudden.

aftonini said...

Oh, Natalie, it looks like you had so much fun. There is so much I am going to miss about Michigan and these pictures reminded me just how much in Michigan I'm going to miss (and It's not cider mills!). These are beautiful, fun family shots. Please keep your blog updated so I can watch your children grow.